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All the features of WINCAPS Q4, PLUS automatic text-to-speech alignment and respeaking

These powerful time-saving functions are designed for same language workflows only (e.g. subtitles for the deaf and hard-of-hearing or a source language master for translation).

For details, including the range of languages supported, please refer to:

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The licence is locked to the single computer used to complete the transaction and cannot be transferred. The licence period begins when you complete the ordering process (required even if zero value).

Once the software is running please consult the Help pages carefully for information on how to use this version of WINCAPS, and in particular the powerful automatic alignment and respeaking tools. If you need further assistance during your free trial please contact us by email.

For information on how to purchase the software please contact our sales team.

Automatic text-to-speech alignment – speeds up timecoding by assigning timecodes automatically based on phonetic alignment of the (known) subtitle text with the spoken words in the audio track. The alignment process is augmented by the timing rules also used in the standard version (e.g. reading speed, shot-changes, gaps). This feature currently supports the following languages only: Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Swedish. Alignment accuracy depends on the audio quality and is less reliable where there are intrusive sound effects, simultaneous speakers or long periods without dialogue for instance – for most programming we therefore recommend timecoding in sections rather than an entire programme and the UI is designed with that in mind.

The aligner can be used with a script or transcript, regular keyboard input or with respeaking (see below). Indeed when used with respeaking a fairly accurate subtitle file can be produced very quickly indeed, with only a minimal amount of subsequent editing needed. This enables offline captioning of fast turnaround material that would otherwise have to be live captioned (with the inevitable latency and occasional inaccuracy associated with that).

Speech recognition (re-speaking) – an optimised SDK interface allows Dragon NaturallySpeaking® speech recognition software to be used more easily for faster transcription. The Wincaps integration provides a light user interface for the Dragon software – so there’s no need to run the Dragon toolbar separately, which provides a slightly faster response using fewer system resources and ensures that recognised text is always directed into the document space. (Speech recognition systems can still be used with the standard version – as a keyboard alternative, without the above benefits.)

Dragon also allows MP3 & WAV files to be transcribed automatically, with the text then imported into Wincaps, corrected and timecoded using the automatic aligner, which may again be quicker than working from scratch if the text recognition is reasonably good.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking® software (available for English (with various accents), Dutch, French, German, Italian and Spanish) is not supplied with Wincaps and must be purchased separately; the Professional version is recommended for corporate users although the Premium version may be a suitable alternative for individuals.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking® is a registered trademark of Nuance, Inc. and is used here under license.


1 month, 6 months, 12 months

Subtitle file formats supported Wincaps Q4 Professional
PAC and SRT (Subrip) / TXT and SAMI / SMI / STL, 890
W32 and FPC / EBU-TT and RTF / TTML=DFXP (W3C timed-texted XML) / Digital Cinema XML (DLP/Cinecanvas, DTS) / Final Cut Pro (XML & TIFF) / DVD Studio Pro (STL) / Adobe Premiere Pro (EDL + PNG) / Ultech USF (DV/HDE-3000) / Cheetah CAP (SD), CIN, MCA, ULT / Line 21 SCC transmission format / SCC (Daiken/Spruce Maestro and sonic Scenarist) CC (Sonic)
Video/Audio Formats Supported
MOV & MP4 (H.264 +ACC) / MPEG-1, MPEG -2, MPEG-4 / WMV & AVI
MP3 and WMA
Production Formats Supported:
Open Caption (TV, DVD,DVB and Web)
SD- 25 fps PAL / 29.9fps NSTC (Drop and No frame)
HD - 1024 x 720, 1920 x 1080, 24 - 59.94 fps supported
Line 21 / Closed Caption (EIA 608)
Main Features
video / subtitle preview with synchronised playback
Shot-change detection
Audio Waveform indication
Flexible Timecode spotting
Automatic timing rules
Gap and duration time based on reading rate
Style Templates
Shot-change detection
QC Checks
First Pass Timecode Fixing
Shot-change avoidance
Programme Templates
vertical timeline /Qc views
Speech presence indication
Side-by-side synchronised translation display
Linguistic text splitting
DVD & Blu-ray authoring
Integrated Dragon Naturally Speaking Handling
Stenotype Input
Shortforms (auto correct)
Homophones Check
Localisation (German and French)
File Locking
Datastore (Multiple Client Use)
Multiple File Support
Mixed Teletext and Open Caption Personality Support
SpeakTITLE for respoken transcription*
AutoTime automatic timing alignment
Languages & font supported:
Spellchecking using Microsoft Office Proofing tools (not included)
Western / Eastern Europe / Middle East / Asia
Unicode languages / Windows TrueType fonts
Other Applications:
DVD Builder