Wincaps Q4 Educational


All the core features of the WinCaps Q4 software, licenced to 6 months covering the duration of your course.

This version of Wincaps Q4 is offered to students via the course provider. If you are organising a subtitling course then please contact us using the form below. This version is sold at academic pricing terms subject to use being exclusively for educational, non-commercial purposes.

These licences are intended for fixed duration applications with a one-off payment, including the delivery/deployment of prepaid licences for educational users. Students on a registered course may be provided with a discount code to cover some or all of the cost, please contact your course administrator for more information. (Academic organisations wanting to use this facility should contact Screen.)

You will need to enter both your discount code and payment details into the system – even if the price after discount is zero (in which case you will NOT be charged but payment details are still required as a form of validation for the software download).

The licence is locked to a single computer and cannot be transferred (except in exceptional circumstances) and will expire at the end of the purchased duration. To continue using the software after the educational license expires please purchase a subscription via the Screen website.

The licence period begins as soon as the software is purchased.


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System Requirements

Minimum: Intel Core i5 CPU, 4GB RAM (6GB if using speech recognition), discrete NVidia GeForce or AMD Radeon graphics card with at least 512MB RAM

Windows 7, 8 or 10, full keyboard with numeric pad (or additional USB numeric pad), Microsoft Office (for spell check and proofing, Office Starter and Office 365 not supported).

NOTE: Your PC will require connection to the internet to activate & validate your subscription licence.

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